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These personal calculations are prepared by the site owner who has full knowledge of the latest visa regulations.
The calculations can be relied upon.

Calculations can include forward projections.

So if you need to know when you can return and for how long ask me and I will factor in your best options.
No other service offers precise forward planning.

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For a detailed personal calculation complete form below with your past 6 months & proposed future dates. The cost is £15 or equivalent in YOUR currency. The fee entitles you to 12 months calculations so no problem if you need to add another trip or two later.

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Such a small amount could save you being fined for overstaying and possibly banned from re-entry for up to 5 years. In some cases visitors have been refused entry on arrival and are compelled to return home at their own expense.

This service requires payment - Unpaid submissions will not be processed

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