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The 90 in 180 day rules explained

How the 90/180 day rule works.

On each and every day that you are in Turkey you have to count back 180 days and calculate how many days you have been in the country. You must also count both arrival and departure dates. So for example if you entered on the 1st and left on the 10th the count would be 10 days and not 9 if you just counted from date to date.

The 180 days are relative to your departure date so move forward 1 each day. By the time you reach your 90th day in that period you must leave. If you spend 90 days in one go in Turkey you cannot return for at least another 90 days.

Where this can get confusing is with multiple visits and forward planning.

Lets say you are a frequent visitor and enjoy extended holidays here, perhaps you own property.
You visit: 7 April - 21 April + 1 June - 10 July + 4 Sept - 25 Sept.
That's 3 visits totalling 77 days so far in this year, but of course you worked that out yourself didn't you?

So in addition to ensuring your visa won't run out whilst you are still in Turkey you must carefully plan your dates not to exceed the 90 in 180 rule.

If you are in a complex situation like this and are struggling to accurately calculate the number of days involved we have just the service to help you.

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