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Linux Operating Systems

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Linux Tux

Windows giving you more trouble than it's worth ?

Still running XP ?

Virus problems ?

Local "Tech Guy" messed it up ?

Solve all your problems in one by installing a top notch Linux operating system.
Linux is FREE !

Linux is and always will be free and completely open source, that means anyone is free to download, install, examine the code, alter it and even redistribute it. Popular flavours for beginners are Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Linux Mint.

Linux is virus proof !

There are no known virus in the wild today that can infect a Linux operating system. Anti-Virus software is NOT NEEDED so your computer resources will not be wasted by the need to continuously run such programs in the background and you can forget about having to run time consuming scans every week.

Over 20 Million users worldwide !

Linux is very popular among people who need rock-solid stability no matter what. Linux is secure by default, which means it's very, very hard for someone else to damage your computer remotely. Most Linux users don't run virus checkers, because Linux is virtually immune to these sorts of common problems. One area where Linux's stability is very highly valued is on servers, because these usually run for years at a time without being restarted.

Zero maintenance !

As well as an end to virus scanning you can also forget about defragging the hard drive and all those other maintenance chores required to keep Windows running. Accepting the regular updates is all that's needed.

All the software you will ever need for FREE !

The Ubuntu Software Centre alone contains over 74,000 applications ready to download at the click of a button, most are free and open source. Powerful & complete office suits such as Libre Office. Image manipulation with The Gimp and many more. Video editing software like Open Shot. Media players, music collection organisers, education software, Internet tools, games galore and tools for just about any job you can think of, all in one place and all tested & safe.

I install Linux for Free !

If you can get your machine to my house in Akbuk I will evaluate the hardware, discuss your requirements, advise on the best Linux system for you and your computer and even install it for you. I have all the latest disks of the most popular distributions. Further more I will install any applications you need such as web browsers, Skype, email application, personal organiser, codecs to play your music and video files etc. etc. I will talk you through using your new system and be here for assistance if needed. Most people coming from Windows adapt very quickly to Linux, its pretty straight forward to use.

There is no charge !

Of course if you want to buy me a beer or chip in towards my internet bills I would not refuse.

Backing up your data and existing Windows operating system :

Before installing anything I always ensure your personal files & folders are backed up to external hard drive. I also "Image" the existing drive so if things go wrong it can be put back exactly as it was.

Keep Windows as well :

If your hard drive has enough space Linux can be installed alongside your existing operating system, so if you change your mind or can't get on with Linux you can just boot into Windows.

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Linux Xubuntu (customised) Linux Mint (customised) Mint Software Centre Big Tux

About my experience:

In addition to more years than I care to remember working with Microsoft Windows, I have been using Linux at advanced levels since 2008. I am a theme designer and coding tester with Linux Mint and Ubuntu based systems. Whilst I am certainly not the most knowledgeable expert of all things Linux, I do believe I have more skills and experience in this field than anyone else in the Akbuk area.

Akbuk Rob

Drop me a line if you are interested -