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04 August 2015
Visited Turkey on many occasions but never Akbuk but this websites information helped making my decision a whole lot easier covers everything you need to know about Akbuk.
Ash Smith - Chelmsford
08 June 2015
Any comments on the election? Lira is going down quit drastically.
Björn - Uppsala / Sweden / and Akbuk of course

Reply from webmaster - Hi Björn. Personally I would have a lot to say on the subject but one has to be very careful what one says or writes on certain issues in this country. As for the Lira its fast becoming a worthless currency and politics has played a big part in that. I predict a big hike in interest rates now because inflation is through the roof. Anyone got any spare change they can send me, anything but Turkish Lira :-)

27 May 2015
Nice site & well put together, had an apartment in Akbuk for the last 4 years initially because it was a cheap option to the med but the charges that seem to go up each year & the flight costs i think i may sell up.
John Campbell - Chelmsford
30 April 2015
I browse your website before each visit,and find the info very useful.
Nicol Sinclair - Newtongrange , Midlothian
13 April 2015
great site, lots of info, just what is needed, would like to thank Rob for his help and advice, nothing too much trouble, thanks a lot mate, regards Ian
ian beardmore - blackpool
11 April 2015
Great website, very informative. Have owned a holiday home for a few years, now we can keep abreast of all the changes happening first hand. Well done Rob and Marie
Alex & Soheila - Weybridge Surrey
31 March 2015
Excellent, very informative!! No adverts and no sly selling just great info, what is needed to plan visit to the area. Well done!!!
G McIntyre - Gateshead UK
21 February 2015
This new weather report on your home page is superb! It´s easy to plan forward.
Juhani Jokela - Akbük
17 February 2015
Here are 9 years we go to AKBUK and many years we read this site. Congratulations to you both, we can find a lot of interesting things. You are as good advice and we may ask you some information, it's great. All my friends and go well.
Emile Amca - BELGIUM
12 January 2015
Hallo, habe diese Seite durch Zufall entdeckt auf der Suche nach Informationen über Akbük. Leider hab ich nicht genügend Englisch-Kenntnisse. Und die Übersetzung ist nicht ganz genau. Grüsse aus dem Schwarzwald (Black Forrest Germany )
Brigitte Haist - Freudenstadt
18 December 2014
Hi, I found your website by accident, some of the girls at work (Loughborough College) are thinking of having a holiday in Turkey sometime next year.
Roger Emens - Loughborough
12 December 2014
Hi, We have had a holiday villa in Akbuk since 2006. My wife has taken early retirement and is now living permanently in the villa. We love Akbuk so much that we are now having a retirement villa built ready for my own retirement mid-2015. We look forward to many happy years of retired life in Akbuk!
Mark P - Akbuk / Taif, saudi Arabia
16 November 2014
found your guide to the local restaurants very hatti especially stood out for us...the staff were very friendly and let the kids help out with the cooking of the bread and the pizzas
wayne yeomans - leicester
10 November 2014
Great site! Only came upon it by chance when searching for updated info on residence permit. (Had researched the Voice's site, which did not have update on actual cost of fees) I have a place in Akbuk, so it's great to be able to keep abreast of situation in the area. Thank You
Marc - UK
02 October 2014
Hi, I am native Turkish who lives in İzmir. We have a summer house in Akbük. We frequently visit in summer time. It is good to have news from Akbük. It looks there is not much online source for news. We have been staying at our summer house for more than 25 years. Akbük has changed over the years but the spirit remained same. I am glad I get some news through your newsletter. I just want to thank you. I hope your enjoy your stay in Akbük and Turkey.
Dr.Caglar Tukel - Izmir
12 September 2014
Thanks for your visa calculator. Never heard of Akbuk before today but who knows I may get there.
Tom - Fethuye/Glasgow
17 August 2014
Many thanks for the update on `lost passports`very useful information. I am sure that many of your readers appreciate your desire to keep us informed before the need arises.
HongKong courier - Borrowstounness
15 June 2014
We both find your website very informative and interesting to read. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a position that we will overstay our visas hence we shall be postponing our trips. Without your information we would be in 'trouble' Thank you for it and although we have a place in Mahmutlar we follow your website regularly.
Yvette Astley - Mahmutlar
15 June 2014
Have just visited after reading some of Robs posts on Turkishliving forum and found this a very informative site, we have a place in Alanya living there maybe 8 months a year and like to visit a different part of Turkey every year Akbuk area maybe coming up shortly, thanks for the link to the Nufus number (saved me a journey and at least half a day). I would also like to thank Rob for convincing me to install Linux after I have been toying with the idea for a few years and am now totally hooked.!
Martin - East Sussex/Alanya
24 May 2014
3rd year in Akbuk. Love the place and the people. My only negative is that although a real dog lover myself, the street dogs are becoming a bigger issues every year. Each time there are more and more of them and they seem to be packed together much more this year. Maybe time the government stepped in to solve the issue before it starts effecting the country's tourism.
Richard - Northampton
29 April 2014
This will be our 4th trip to Akbuk and we always find this to be a most useful website. Keep up the good work!
Suzanne Ormiston - London
28 April 2014
What a very useful site. We will be visiting in September so the site has given us a great start for our local research
Simon Beet - Thorpe Abbotts
17 March 2014
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Akbuk the weather was lovely for our two weeks. Akbuk has the old charm of a small village and we found the locals so helpful. Again your website was so useful to us, we had many trips on the dolmus, so reliable and cheap - I wished we had the same system in London.
Linda - Kent UK
10 February 2014
Your website has been invaluable to us we are coming out for 2 weeks on 15 Feb - it's a new location for us and earlier than we would normally visit Turkey. I was worried that nothing would be open - Restaurants Supermakerts etc so your restarant page is very useful showing the ones closed for the winter. News about the Friday market is particulary useful. We are going to use the local dolmus and are looking forward to our first visit to Akbuk.
Linda Spain - Kent UK
20 December 2013
What a great website! I bought property in Akbuk and visited many times. I have had e-visas in 2013 and no issues. Thanks for the warning about change of rules about counting backwards to earlier visas. I was not able to get a water connection without paying the advance charge for mains sewage in full.
Alex - UK
19 December 2013
Thank you for a wonderful website. All the information I need for Akbuk.
Javed Hussain - Edinburgh, Scotland
12 November 2013
Delighted to find your website--Akbuk is really a mini paradise to us and as time goes by our visitors to our villa cannot believe the peace and quiet and friendliness of the locals--- neighbours, village and market traders. The Mayor and Belidesi are a credit to the area with a fantastic outlook for the area,s future. Keep up the good work--Thank you for this opertunity to air our views.
Patrick and Mary Farrell - Dublin-Ireland and Akbuk
08 November 2013
As I put in an earlier post, we spend a week in Akbuk in September. It was a great week. The village is lovely and it was great to see that it has not been spoiled yet by tourism. The local market on Friday is fantastic, especially the fruit and veg part. If you want a nice holiday in a great part of Turkey then you must go to Akbuk.
Monique - Northamptonshire
04 October 2013
We are coming back for our second visit and bringing friends with us this time Had a lovely relaxing time last year and found your site really useful. This year you helped out with a local hire car company and I have just ordered my guide from you by donating. Pity to see that the Nissan restaurant is no longer on your page as we thought it one of the most friendly relaxed places and one of bestvalue meals we had last year. Keep up the good work its really nice to see community spirit like this being put to good use for all.
Martin Graves - Bicester Oxfordshire
01 October 2013
Thank you for having such a great website about Akbuk. We were over staying with a friend who has just bought an apartment in Akbuk and the infomation on you web pages helped us so much to have a great time in Akbuk.
Charlie Brown - Highland Perthshire, Scotland
28 September 2013
Coming over for hols next week, fantastic web site I wish I had found it months ago.
Joe - Rugby
11 September 2013
Hi all,just back from a 2 week stay in Akbuk , very very warm and very windy @ tmes on the beech, Akbuk village around akgullia is very very busy and quite dangours @times with the amount of cars double ,trebbile parking ,but nice to see it busy
Akbuk Heva - Birkenhead
08 September 2013
Just returned from Olive Village after a fabulous 2 weeks with friends and family. Akbuk gets better year in year. Although I would say that Covent Garden has gone downhill.
Steve,Lou and Kids - Sunderland
08 September 2013
Flying out next week and staying in Akbuk for a week. Your website has been a great source of information. Will let you know how are week was when we get back
Monique - northamptonshire
23 August 2013
Thanks so much for this website. On our way to Akbuk tomorrow and it feels as if we have a head start. So much really useful advice and information. Really sorry to hear about the fires by the way.
Simon W - Oxfordshire
23 August 2013
What a great site, full of useful information.
Linda Batchelor - West Sussex / Altinkum
26 July 2013
What a fabulous website, I am also researching for our 2014 holiday and have found this website such a big help, thank you :-)
Nicki Etherington - Kent
14 July 2013
I am researching destinations for our 2014 family holiday and your website was invaluable to me. I now feel I can make an informed choice and after reading all the information on offer feel that Akbuk will be a perfect choic for my young family (3 children aged between 6 and 10). I will make sure I regularly visit the site for updates. Thank you.
Kellie Birmingham - Manchester
09 July 2013
As a single woman travelling with her children i found this site very helpful, never having been to Akbuk i needed to know what to expect regarding amenities/safety etc...thank you
sharon - wistow-uk
21 June 2013
AA/GD. I have been on your website.Very good, I hope I am going to enjoy keeping up with the Akbuk news being on your mailing list. I am planning to buy an apartment in Akbuk and will be out there later next year, Appreciate your afforts.
Naseer A Shafi - Ahmadi Kuwait
27 June 2013
Hi Guys. I have just been on your website.Very good, I’m going to enjoy keeping up with the Akbuk news via your site.. I have an apartment on the Ufuk Hillside Complex in Akbuk and will be out there later this May. Impressed.
Rod Hedges
14 June 2013
Gracias por toda la información, ya me empiezo a sentir en casa !!!
Raimundo Goñi - Neuquén - Argentina
13 June 2013
very informative has helped us and we can't wait to go!
peter streefland - swansea
12 June 2013
Enjoying our holiday in Akbuk - we found our apartment thro your website and it is brilliant!
Mike Frost - Idle Bradford West Yorkshire
09 June 2013
Very interesting website and good information for "who's searching"! Good job.
Wilhelm Veenhuijsen - Chiangrai, Thailand
13 May 2013
Thanks. You confirmed some of my guesses.
Mike - Peterborough
02 May 2013
Thanks for the updated information on the e-visa as I was not aware of this, what a difference that will make at Bodrum airport, one less queue to be bothered about. For once Turkey has done something to help the foreign visitor but a bigger thanks to you for keeping us informed.
Scottie - Ecclefechan
20 April 2013
As a new property owner in Akbuk I really appreciate the news update about the charges ostensibly to pay for the sewage system. Perhaps there is a different charge for Turks than foreigners? That is the sort of thing they would do where I currently live in UAE and might explain the high charge.
Anita - UAE
26 March 2013
Thank you a lot for this nice infomative web site.I did like it very much.I look apartment from this area.
anna-liisa honkaharju - turku
15 March 2013
I really appreciate the information and regular updates on this local Akbuk website. The guides seem worth the money. Just a small complaint though and that is the occasional misused apostrophe.
Anita - Abu Dhabi, UAE
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