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05 January 2012
I read your website for 3 years and I am satisfied. Keep doing this, it's perfect. Congratulations
03 January 2012
Happy new Year! Great job you dıd here folks. Nıce and very ınformatıve sıte. Thank you... :)
George - Didim
28 December 2011
I would like to thank yoy for helping foreigners. Your website is a lot of help. I got my YKN ASAP through the help of your website. More power to you! Sincerely yours,
07 December 2011
Hi its Pippa n Mick we saw you at Mo & Grahams back in the summer & we are soon to move to Summer Breeze to live Yippee. We look forward to catching up with you all. Love this website its got loads of info.
08 November 2011
I have yet to visit Turkey, but I did receive some textiles produced in AUBUK from my daughter's boyfriend who is from Ankara. After reviewing your website I hope to visit one day.
Amy - West Virginia, USA
07 November 2011
Just found your web site and what a fantastic source of information! Well worth a donation. Will try out some of your recomendations regarding resturants next march when we come back. We come across at least 3 months every year so look forward to meeting you next year.
Janice Swankie - Arbroath, Angus, Scotland
18 October 2011
Hi Rob, It was good to meet you and Marie recently. As promised I will leave a review on the restaurants. I am hoping to return next May to our apartment at Apollonium and hope to be able to catch up!
Lee Thomas - Frodsham, Cheshire
06 October 2011
Just spent 2 weeks in fabulous Appollium Club nearby. Visited Akbuk several times. Loved it. Thanks for providing this website very helpful
David Yule - Rutherglen Glasgow UK
01 October 2011
Amazing how Akbuk has developed during the year we have been going here. Lot of new small building sites and a lot of houses actually sold this year. People say business is good both for agents and for restaurants. This is good news to us. Last year we were almost scared of all the for sales signs on a lot of the buildings. Seems a lot of those have been sold off, typically enough one we had our eye on. I foresee a bright future for Akbuk and we are very happy we choose this place for our first place abroad. OK, there are some problems but it comes with the territory. We focus on the positive , not the negative and there are a lot of positive sides to Akbuk. Hope to meet some of you next time.
Björn - Uppsala, Sweden
15 September 2011
Liking the splendidly distinguished new profile picture, Rob.
Dave - Orpington

Reply from webmaster - Amazing what you can do with Photoshop these days Dave.

05 September 2011
Hey, Rob, I know how hard you worked on this site; well, it certainly paid off, it looks great and is full of useful tips and information. That said, I'd like you to close the website down in case too many people discover the hidden treasure that is Akbuk (only kiddin!). Have a great autumn and winter you two - see ya next August!
Dave and Eli - Orpington
03 September 2011
User friendly website packed with everything you need to know about Akbuk. Look forward to travelling up the coast and will definitely stop off at Akbuk. Currieclan
Maggie Currie - Ovacik & Monifieth Scotland
29 August 2011
Dear Rob and Marie. We have recently been to akbuk and found your web site very useful, Especially the restaurant pages.there is a new fish resturant opened on the bord walk near The Garden call Cinar Fish. the food is amazing and very fresh. The owner (Mehmet) is very frendly and welcoming. We visited twice and he and his staff made a big effort to make our evening special. (even giving us a ride home!) I highly recommend you check it out so it can be added to your restaurant list!  We loved akbuk and look foward to returning one day.
Dave Farminer - Oxford, England.
26 August 2011
Thank you all for this web site and sharing the informations related with Akbuk. Akbuk one of the uniqeu bay around west costs of Turkey, we got a summer house and every year eager to get there to enjoy the beaches. Cheers!....keep in touch..
Orkan - Istanbul
23 August 2011
Hi Rob thanks for all the info, the Akbuk folder you e-mailed me was a mine of information and well worth the donation! Sorry we didn't get to meet up at Celebi but received the mail too late, hopefully next year!
Suzie Mitchem - Milton Keynes
17 August 2011
Just wanted to compliment you on the website. Easy to use and up to date. Visiting on 22nd August with my family and an ex army friend of mine and his family. Keep an eye out for the pale skinned Geordie and his pal from Barnsley. Staying at Olive Village I hope we enjoy it, first overseas holiday in a long time,
Steve and family - South Tyneside
25 July 2011
Well done on your new website
Brian Boyd - Stranraer; Scotland
23 July 2011
Great new lay-out, congratulations.
Bill & June - Bristol
14 July 2011
Hi rob and Marie I'm surprised you havnt mentioned the wonderful bakery on the main road from akbuk . It's not far from resort hotel a little way up on the right hand side . Just past capress hotel a little further up . If people have a car it's the best place for bread , I hope you check it out . X
Carolyn Onenc from Tyne and wear
11 July 2011
At first thank you for this website. Its very simple and useful. I'm studying at fisheries faculty and this year ı do my intership at Akbük in august. It will be my first visit to Akbük. I'm from Turkey and i traveled many coasts except Akbük. I'm living in Samandağ\Hatay .The longest coast and naturel beach (22 km sand) of Turkey. Now I spend my holiday in Imbroz Island (Gökçeada) still in Turkey. This world is not dedicated for Turks, its all of us. Please protect your enviroment and do not destroy. 
Özgür Demir from Samanda - Hatay
03 July 2011
very good website & very useful, lovely place & hope 2 visit when back holidaying in turkey
julie from northampton
29 June 2011
brilliant website rob - keep up the good work
tonitoad from south east
25 June 2011
My aunty owns a property in akbuk i would'nt be able to tell you the name but if you know Dave and C then its on the same site as that!! We are coming over for a month in July-August time can not wait, i love it there.
Abbie from Rowley Regis
08 June 2011
hi..we have just purchesed apartment in ufuk complex..going this summer so found your website grt as first time out..hubby is turkish but even he found intereseting xx hope we goin to love as much as everyone else seems too x
vivien and ilhan koca from peterborough
03 June 2011
We have just booked a holiday for september at the holiday resort hotel thinking we were going to be in altinkum I found your site after doing a search on google and feel a lot happier now I must admit I thought we were going to be in the middle of nowhere, do you have any reviews on the hotel. Thank u for the info u have on here.
Julie from Tamworth
01 June 2011
What a great idea! Refreshing that you are just doing this for anyone interested, Thanks a mil! Helen
Helen Barbera from Lusaka, Zambia
26 May 2011
We own an apartment at Royal Blue Beach Club and we are staying there for the first time from 2nd June and have found your web site very informative and helpful.  Your currency site is really helpful and so are the restuarant reviews.  Thanks for all the info.
Sue & John Whiten from Westcliff on Sea Essex
24 May 2011
Thanks for your really informative site, I am looking for another resort in Turkey as we love it there and this has been really helpful
Elaine and Kev from Harrow Middlesex
23 May 2011
Hi, thanks for your extra information brochure, probably the best £5.00 I have ever spent, my wife kept it in her handbag along with the restaurant guide from your exellent website and it was used daily and had a great holiday.
Steve Johnson from Warrington UK
10 May 2011
Hi guys, Very good informative site you have here! Will be very useful in the coming weeks as we plan to viist my Aunty Alice and Uncle Graham in July / August! Hope to see the place for real, very soon.
Jon from Cowdenbeath (c/o Dundee)
07 May 2011
We are new to this website and very impressed. The brochure is excellent. The restaurant review is superb along with the comments page from which we will be able to plan our evenings out during August this year. Will email this website to all the owners on our complex at Sultan Homes, Akbuk.
Darrell & Sue Willis from Eastbourne, East Sussex.
06 May 2011
Great web site Rob and Marie.  It is very useful for us as we are lucky enough to be able to spend many weeks in Akbuk.  We can keep up to date with the restaurants and local news and events which helps us plan out days and nights out. Love the new 'tradespeople' section.  Handy to know about the dentist and we have used Edris (curtain shop) when we bought our apartment, he is very helpful and we will continue to buy from his shop.
Jacqui and John Harrison from Ashton in Makerfield, Lancs
02 May 2011
good site with useful info my wife and i are coming out june to visit friends cannot wait
iain from bradford
25 April 2011
Hi all, played Vita park today. One hour twenty five door to door. 39 euros greenfee. Perfectly OK. Flat but rather difficult especially when the wind picked up second nine. A lot of water so bring enough balls. Played gold tee and it was 5790 ( par 71). Lot of water hazards and waste land areas. The down side was the prices in the bar. Nine liras for a small Efes, sandwiches 15-20 liras. So. the course was ok but bring your own food. Anyone interested in playing in June? would be nice to set up an Akbuk Golf club and arrange trips to Vita park.
Björn from Uppsala, Sweden
17 April 2011
hi all, just come back from my worse ever holiday in Turkey Akbuk. After tacking 12months in building my villa, i had my first proper hoilday in Akbuk this week, the very first nite we arrived we got robbed, they took the window out and wrecked our villa. we now know upto 10 robberies have tackern place in Akbuk while we have been there nice place hey. akbuk heva from birkenhead

Reply from webmaster - I am very sorry to here this, I do know the jandarma have been taking action to apprehend these thieves.

10 March 2011
Please put the lira rate back up I miss checking up on it
Tracy from Bristol

Reply from webmaster - Sorry I had to remove that application because the server was unreliable and was causing problems with our page downloading. However I am testing alternatives and expect to have something better within a day or two.
Update 13 March: New currency page added.

20 February 2011
My wife and I visited Akbuk for the first time last September and fell in love with it.We had such a quiet and relaxed holliday we felt as if we had been on holliday for a month instead of 10 days.Congratulations on your website,it is very informative keep up the good work.We can't wait for our next visit
Els & Jim O'Hare from Zutphen,The Netherlands
15 February 2011
Really informative especially when looking to buy a property in the area. Did not realise Road Tax was so expensive in Turkey
Geoff Hedley from Burnham on Sea
13 February 2011
This my first visit to your web site and I must say it is fantastic, I visited Akbuk for a day trip some time ago and to see the changes is amazing, although Akbuk seems to have kept the village feel. Your site has so much information it makes a very interesting read.  Please keep up the good work
Jan from Manchester  UK
28 January 2011
Hi Rob & Marie, First of all thanks for all the information you publish on your site, so many different areas making it so useful. However you have surpassed even your good self this time.  I received the "AKBUK BROCHURE" a couple of days back and it is packed with information, I will be leaving a copy for my guests when they rent this season, in fact I may print a some off and send them a copy in advance as it will be very comforting for them if they have never been to Akbuk before. An excellent document. You should rename it though and call it the "Akbuk Bible". Keep up the good work and thanks.
Hillside Hiker from Carlisle
23 January 2011
Hiya Rob and Marie, We have duly donated as we did last year. This IS the most informative site about Akbuk we can find on the internet and £5 is a small amount to pay for the amount of knowledge, information and news we get in return! When we bring visitors over to our apartment on Ufuk Hillside, we always, without fail,direct them to your site. They then have an idea what they are about to experience. We did see you and Marie also during our last visit, but as you were busy with friends, we too did not want to intrude. Best wishes to you both and if we can bring anything over, don't hesitate to ask.
Andrew and Mary from Peterborough/Akbuk
17 January 2011
I am Belgian and I live in Akbuk holidays, specifically in Hillside. I often read your journal that I find very interesting. What would be great is to expand the businesses in Akbük. However CONGRATULATIONS to all the data.
16 November 2010
Hi Marie and rob keep up the good work. When I'm back home in old blighty , it's nice to get news from akbuk.
Carolyn from Tyne and wear
03 October 2010
No golfcourse in Akbuk. That was a disappointment.
Björn from Uppsala, Sweden
25 September 2010
A really informative website which I am sure, will help us with our first visit to Turkey.
Jane Reaney from Ormskirk, Lancashire
15 September 2010
good evening Web master, just to say that the new photo slide show is fantastic,I have introduced so many people to the Akbuk web site, any body watching it must get the feeling that they must visit Akbuk for a holiday, when they do they will fall in love with the village as so many other visitors have done.Akbuk offers so much for everyone.
Nick from Luton ,UK
06 September 2010
Just returned from a glorious month in Akbuk,saw you in Pasa but you were in company so did not want to boder you. Great to see the amount of improvment to the infrastructure going on. Already looking forward to my return trip. The only downer was the amount of hassle and sometimes even abuse at the Friday market, we've been comming to Akbuk for 5 years and used to enjoy the banter and bargaining but this year we found it very nasty (not all stallkeepers)
D & B from Arcadia and Dublin
04 September 2010
We have recently bought an off plan property at Summer Breeze and we were told at the time that the bar area will be open to non residents. We are happy about this as it should help to keep the prices comparable with other places in Akbuk. We are coming back out in October. Can't wait. 
Diana & Malcolm from Prestwick, Scotland
04 September 2010
where are the photos of the the shops,bars restuarants etc.please could you add some?
Madmag from boughton notts.

Reply from webmaster - New photo's and slideshow will be published soon, later this month if I get the time. But you could always send me some!

30 August 2010
Great Web site. Looking forward to a weeks holiday at the Club La Costa Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort at the begining of September.
Gordon & Carol from West London
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