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Jean and Andy    Wednesday, 6/17/09
We visited Akbuk for the first time in May this year and loved it. We plan to return next year and buy our future home. Thanks for the great website. The slideshow is great and the maps are very useful. See you soon!
Steve M    Wednesday, 6/17/09
Excellent website. We have just purchased at UFUK Hillside and find this website very useful.
Spalding UK
Patricia Doherty    Wednesday, 6/17/09
What a super informative website - a real gem of a find. Thank you. We too own a property in Akbuk and totally adore the place and the people. I'm coming out again in a week or so and am so pleased to have the info from your website with me! Good luck. Regards. Patricia D
Gareth    Wednesday, 6/17/09
Had a good night in the company of Rob & Marie when we went to Sumer Cafe for a Turkish night. Thank you both for your company and will see you both very soon.
Blackpool and Akbuk
Paul Cockerham    Tuesday, 6/16/09
Love it, Just Love it. Paul and Gez
david thomas    Monday, 6/15/09
well presented web site full of first class information
west yorkshire
Dave Watson    Sunday, 6/14/09
The slide show is a very good idea, we currently have our property in England on the market with a view to buying/retiring in Akbuk. We spent a day looking around Akbuk a few weeks ago but would also appreciate any views on Akbuk!
Newcastle upon tyne
Lesley Thomas    Tuesday, 6/9/09
This is a fantastic idea and I really enjoyed looking at the pics!
Gulluk- soon!!!
Graham & Julie Kirby    Monday, 5/25/09
Good slide show...we have an apartment on Summer Breeze. See you in June, we regularly visit the Garden Restaurant and Captain Musa gives a great day trip round the bay for around £10 including lunch....but unfortunately not the RAKI!!!
Chester, UK
Greer    Sunday, 5/24/09
We are coming May 2010, so let us know any exciting developments and new places to eat etc.
lawrence ward @ mavis    Friday, 5/22/09
Like the site, plenty of information. Nice to see old friends on the photos.three weeks to go ,and we will be back, yasmin gardens oliver f3 is waiting,cannot come soon enough.
hambleton west yorkshire england
carl    Thursday, 5/21/09
nice site will keep watch
Pete Shaw    Wednesday, 5/20/09
Hello Akbuk Rob+Marie just found your site, thinking of holidaying in Akbuk sometime this summer with a possible view to buying property have been to Altinkum about 20 years ago so will be coming with a little bit of knowledge.
Shaw,Oldham, England.
IRENE LUCAS    Sunday, 5/17/09
Me and my friend are coming to Akbuk in June and looking forward to it. It was nice to see your slide show thanks.
Kevin & Yvonne    Saturday, 5/9/09
Firstly like to say the web site is great ful of usefull information.Yve and I have just purchased a villa in Akbuk and will be spending as much time as we can there.Just luv the place and the people in the short visits we have made this year we have made many friends.Next task is to pick up as much of the language as possible going to be hard but we will try. Kev & Yve
Essex, England
Daniel & Rachel Simpson    Saturday, 5/9/09
We will going over to Akbuk end of June to buy furniture for our appartment on the Piramid site. Your web site is really helpfull. See you soon.
Bolton, Lancs
Ian Harding    Tuesday, 5/5/09
I just happened to be flicking about the Turkish Living Forum and spotted a reference to your site. We have a place up in Olive Village (coming out again with my daughter and two of my grandchildren in June for a couple of weeks; it will be her first trip out since we furnished the place in March. We, my wife Jean and I, like the way you have set things up; do you have any plans to have an interactive section for a bit of a chat/bonding opportunity??? Well done to you both. Ian Harding
East Calder, just outside of Edinburgh.
Matt & Hazel    Friday, 5/1/09
Your site is really good and a great source on information many thanks. Matt & Hazel
Ray & Kay Gurney    Friday, 5/1/09
great little site very informative we have a place in Lydia-Park Akbuk we only manage to get out 6-8 weeks a year at the moment a great site for my wife & i to keep up to date with what is going on socially & for local news keep up the good work raki rocks, Ray & Kay
Lynn & Nedim Canbek    Friday, 5/1/09
We have a townhouse in Akbuk but don't get to visit very often. Nedim was there a year ago but I haven't been since 1998. I miss being there, it really is a lovely place, lots of great memories. My sister-in-law goes every May to open the house and stays all summer, closes sometimes in Sept. or Oct. We live close to the beach, we can see the beach from our townhouse. We purchased it in 1995. If we sell our business here in the US this year, we will try to come for a vacation and would love to meet both of you. We really enjoy your web site. Now if we come there, I will have someone to talk to in English, my Turkish is cok az.
Derwood, MD USA
jamie    Wednesday, 4/29/09
yasmin gardens
Cheryl Sabey    Wednesday, 4/29/09
Very interesting and useful website loved the slide show
Watford UK
John    Friday, 4/24/09
Hi all ! We`ll be over on the 18th May for 6 days , and then again in July for 2 weeks and another 2 weeks in September we have a duplex in the Whitebay appartments . Hopefully we`ll meet a few of you off here when we come over ! roll on 18th John.
Lower Darwen
Ian & Katrina    Sunday, 4/19/09
Hi, Thanks for lots of useful information on Akbuk, your reviews of the restaurants was very helpful. We have just bought an apartment on Touch of Paradise. My husband & daughter purchashed this property a couple of weeks ago when they came out on an inspection trip. I cant wait to see the complex and Akbuk myself as they were both bowled over by it. We are flying out on May 14th for 12 days to furnish the apartment and explore the area and i cant wait.
Barton, North LIncs
Lesley & Wayne Graves    Sunday, 4/19/09
Fantastic website full of valuable information about the area. Thanks Very Much
Lancashire UK
andrew and mary    Thursday, 4/16/09
Hi all, We found your site so informative and friendly, we just couldn't help ourselves and we recommended people buying on the same site to look it up. Really pleased to say we have has some lovely responses, all mirroring our thoughts, and it is really nice to see some have signed in in the guest book.
Brian Mone    Thursday, 4/16/09
Very informative site.
Diamond Villas
Mrs Marie Kelly    Thursday, 4/16/09
Will be staying in our new apartment for 1st time this may,fell in love with Akbuk the first time we visited.
Chris & Ron    Thursday, 4/16/09
Hi just been recommended your site. We are buying on Hillside Complex. We just love Akbuk and can't wait to come back.
Lynne    Wednesday, 4/15/09
Currently buying in Akbuk. Looks a lovely place, but last few visits full of angst. Hoping for a much more peaceful next visit
Yorkshire, UK
Wendy Payne    Wednesday, 4/15/09
I found this very informative and wish I could be there sooner rather than later. Will be over in 10 days
Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
Eddie & Mavis Evans    Tuesday, 4/14/09
we found your web sight very detailed and so interesting. We visited Akbuk twice last year and will be there again end of May, not long to go! See you all soon in Akbuk xx
Manchester UK
Joseph (Joe) Newman    Tuesday, 4/14/09
I have just bought a villa in Akbuk and I was last out there in 1st Week in April last, I hope to get back in June. It's nice to know that there are likeminded people who enjoy Akbuk as much as I do.
Canterbury UK
daryl white    Tuesday, 4/14/09
good site,put in my favourites,hopefully out there soon to check out some property,will keep an i out for you
isle of wight
andrew and mary edwards    Friday, 4/10/09
A lovely site featuring a lovely place. Thankyou for the time taken to put together this wonderful showpiece.
peter irvine    Sunday, 4/5/09
i have just bought a new house in akbuk and i will be going out as much as i can.
walkerburn scotland.
Steve and Angela    Sunday, 4/5/09
Excellent site, we are out soon to our apartment we purchased last year (Karia Residence). We cannot wait to sample all the restaurants, cafes and shops along with seeing again the beautiful scenery. Hope to meet up with other people who live there to give us advice and tips on the area.
kym & rob    Saturday, 4/4/09
hi rob & marie lovely website. see you around!
uslu sitesi
Sheila and Charlie    Thursday, 4/2/09
Hi everyone, we are visiting Akbuk for our first week on 19 April. Would love to meet up with you other guys at Yasmin Gardens. Or at the Teapot for a bun!!
Riccall, Yorks
Sheila Coates    Thursday, 4/2/09
Thank you for a very interesting website. When we are in England we can still keep in touch with Akbuk where we have our villa.
manolya yasmin gardens
clyde    Wednesday, 4/1/09
Totally agree with your asessment of the situation in Akbuk Rob. Probably been to Akbuk about 12 times now and as yet have failed to take home at least a couple of mosquito bites with me. Have not seen any snakes or scorpions thankfully yet but have spoken to others who have. Excellent informative web site by a local person, Good Luck with it Rob and keep the info coming.
south wales
Wayne Bithell    Sunday, 3/29/09
Great site on a great place. Deborah my wife, and I, bought on Blue Seascape 18 months ago, will be back in April for 3 weeks. Nice to see there is another buisiness up and running "The Teapot". Good luck to them, will be giving it a go soon.
Jane & Graham    Sunday, 3/22/09
Very informative site. Love the pictures Will log on for future updates.
Forest Glade (holiday home)
Susan    Saturday, 3/21/09
Well done what a brilliant website very accurate it,s great to be kept up to date with all the lastest news
Nikki Richard    Sunday, 3/15/09
Looks lovely hope to visit this summer
Jeanette Thomson    Sunday, 3/8/09
Love the website! We are coming last two weeks in August. We are Club la Costa members and staying at the hopefully to be finished by August Adonis probably about 15K from Akbuk. Our first visit to Turkey, we have a 13 year old. Looking forward to it - will contact you for any extra advice before we travel.
Barnet, Herts, U.K.
Patrick Buckley    Sunday, 3/8/09
Top marks on the site,Hoping to buy in Akbuk later in the year.Putting the hours in, in Iraq at the moment.
Grimsby. U K
Jan & Nick Balaam    Saturday, 3/7/09
Three weeks and we are on our way. After the snow and cold winter we are looking forward to open up our villa in time for the faimly holidays, this year they start in April and go on till we close it up in late october / earley November , We must try the Teapot, sound like its just the place for a cuppa and to rest after shopping
Luton . UK
maurice and heather crawford-raby    Tuesday, 3/3/09
our family bob and deb carruthers live where you are and hopefully next year we will be seeing your side of the country
Clyde    Saturday, 2/28/09
Have a villa in Akbuk for 3years now, will be visiting in April
South Wales
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