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John    Friday, 10/17/08
roll on tomorrow ! getting picked up for the airport at 3-45 , flying at 8pm , arrive 2am Sunday morning ! cant wait. i just hope the sea is warm enough to snorkel !
Lower darwen
craig    Wednesday, 10/15/08
n wales
John    Monday, 10/13/08
Great site , weve just bought a duplex and will be over with all the family on 18th Oct , i know where the castle is and maybe we might see you there for a few beers !
Lower Darwen
sheila and John    Monday, 10/13/08
Hi to you both. Just had a look at your web site after a very busy summer with family and friends wow!!! its great thanks for your hard work. John and Sheila
Maureen and Brian Mounty    Wednesday, 10/8/08
Just bought a duplex and are visiting october to furnish it.Enjoyed looking at your website and found it very helpful. We are looking forward to many enjoyable hoildays there.
Bougainvillea 2 Akbuk
geoff cooper    Sunday, 10/5/08
We have lived in Akbuk for 9 months now and have just discovered your site. We have found it very interesting, please continue to develop it.
Diana Eade    Friday, 10/3/08
Hi, I have just bopught in Akbuk.. I will be coming out in May, I think your web site is very infomative.I was worried it might be a bit quite but i am sure there is lots to do. regards Diana
friern Barnet London
John Whyte    Monday, 9/29/08
In the process of building a house in Akbuk - due for completion in July 2009.
Newtonmore, Scotland
Hazel    Saturday, 9/27/08
Great site,lots of good info. We have bought a property and would like to live there in a few years time when we retire.
Blue Seascape Akbuk
craig    Wednesday, 9/24/08
my family and i are coming to akbuk next july . staying at a friends villa , we have found your site very heplpfull. thanx craig and family
north wales
Chrissie    Sunday, 9/21/08
Merhaba - just been browsing and thought it would be useful if we had a list of important telephone numbers. I'm listing some that might be useful: Fire 110 Forest Fire 177 State Hospital 811 57 57 Emergency 112 Police 155 Gendarma 156 Akbuk Belediyesi 856 40 04 Bodrum Airport 536 65 65 Izmir Airport 274 64 64 Akbuk Mini-bus 0256 856 41 81
Graham    Sunday, 9/14/08
Hi Rob, How about a Resturant Guide/taste test from Akbuk
Akbuk/Rochford Essex
liz and carl turley    Thursday, 9/11/08
great web site we will use again we have brought a property in akbuk.
north wales
wynford vaughan thomas    Thursday, 9/11/08
see you soon we will be there on saturday 13/09.
John and Jacqui Harrison    Thursday, 9/11/08
Hi , think your site is great. We have a place on Yasmin Garden which we visit 3 times a year at the moment. When we retire (4 yrs yet) we will spending a lot more time in Akbuk. We have seen you around Akbuk, at the Castle etc, so will introduce ourselves in October when we are out again. It is good to hear new and views from someone independant.#Best wishes with the site John and Jacqui
Ashton in Makerfield
Jan and Martin    Monday, 9/8/08
Hi, Great website we are looking to buy in turkey and will be over on the 12th September and staying in Altinkum. Kind regards Jan and Martin
Benfleet, Essex ,UK
Steve & Sue Simpson    Saturday, 9/6/08
Hi,love the site,very helpful as we in the process of buying a holiday appt in Akbuk.We hope to have completion at end of December so we will continue to visit the site to keep aware of what,s going on. Best wishe,s Steve and Sue
North East England
gill ashbee    Tuesday, 9/2/08
Thanks for a fantastic site - I particularly love the M People music and slide-show. We will be back there again in October and in a few years we will be there forever!
broadstairs kent uk
Raymond Fittall    Monday, 9/1/08
Introduced to your site by my Step Daughter and her Husband who have just spent there 25 years Wedding Aniversary in Akbuk.Where they have a Holiday Home. I have looked at your website.the Photo's etc. Thank you.
New Romney Kent UK
Carl Turley    Friday, 8/22/08
Just bought a property and great to see a very good website it wii help me and my family to understand the area far better and also to be able to enjoy a few good evenings out. Many thanks for your time putting this site together. CARL TURLEY
North Wales
bernie    Sunday, 8/17/08
thinking about visiting or buying your info good although mossies might be problem are they bad enough to avoid going
Paul and Ali    Sunday, 8/10/08
Great site, no bias, no adverts, just good advise and information. We bought last year and just love the place, we can't wait until we are able to come to live full time. Keep up the good work!
pat    Friday, 8/1/08
hi guys,my husband ronnie and Ihave just bought in akbuk.we had a whilwind trip with atlas last week.we will be returing soon to sort out our "place in the sun" First impression???luv the place.have a great summer.
northern ireland
David & Gitti    Wednesday, 7/30/08
Your Website is super, very informative and more importantly accurate.
King Villas Akbuk
Lynne B    Monday, 7/28/08
Delighted to find your site. We've just signed up for a property in Akbuk. So am reading up as much as possible about it. Will be using the apt for hols at first, but expect to be living there in a few years time, when I finally stop delicvering babies! I'm going to be trekking the Sahara for charity in November, (Marie Curie) MAybe we'll have got the keys by then, so would you like to see some piccies of a new offcumden? In the meantime, I'll keep reading your pages to get a feel for Akbuk. Great site!! LOL, Lynne
Cullingworth, Yorkshire
mrs.Alison marjorie capper    Monday, 7/21/08
found your site after my son saw it and has e- mailed you about using some info . very good site with lots of useful info. Thanks
Cornwall UK.
MARK FARRANCE    Monday, 7/21/08
Cath    Monday, 7/21/08
Hi Just talking to a friend who has just got back from visiting family in Akbuk. Felt the cold as soon as he landed. Said there has been no water in that heat I couldn't believe it!!!! Bye for now Cath
graham and alison    Thursday, 7/17/08
what a great site well done can we go to the pub now?
brenda farrance    Monday, 7/14/08
akbuk looks a great place to live and i cant wait to cme and visit my inlaws alice n gragham heap in september.
fife in scotland
Bob & Jan    Sunday, 7/13/08
Hi Rob & Marie, Great website keeps us updated until we get there Well done Bob & Jan p.s. Check your Email !!
Where do you live?  UK soon to be Akbuk
Cath    Saturday, 7/12/08
Hi Guys We have friends out there in AKBUK at the AEGEAN Grove villas. We were out last year and were hooked. Hoping to sell up and move out. It's good to get info from people who are living there without the sell of agents etc. Thanks
Blackpool UK
Lesley & Tony.    Friday, 7/11/08
Thank you Maureen/Richard Smith for informing us about this site.Can't get back soon enough to meet up with friends made in december.As soon as house is sold we will be there.
Wolverhampton West Midlands
Derek & Sandie Giles    Thursday, 7/10/08
Found your page by accident and also very interesting. We have recently purchased on Yasmin Gardens and have been to Akbuk 3 times already and coming again in August. Brilliant friendly town. Keep up the good work with your Web page.
St Neots, Cambs
Brenda    Thursday, 7/10/08
Just came across your site browsing. I have bought a property in Akbuk, just waiting to sell my house in Manchester, can,t wait. Great pictures, news etc. Will definitely visit again thanks, Brenda
Gareth    Thursday, 7/10/08
Congratulations, great site, well worth reading. Just returned from our home there in Akbuk, had a great time, was our first time since we had finished building the villa, so we had time to explore and enjoy the surroundings. Can't wait to return very very soon. Hopefully meet up with a few people and make some new friends.
Blackpool, formely Llanelli, S Wales
Angela and Alan    Thursday, 7/10/08
Hi What a great website. We are buying a property in Akbuk and came for a week's visit in June and had a wonderful time. We are returning in August for 2 weeks and can't wait. Have to agree with you about the mossies but then you can't have everything. We shall look at your website on a regular basis to see what's going on in Akbuk. Well done.
Solihull, West Midlands
richard and maureen    Wednesday, 7/9/08
Hazel & Matthew    Tuesday, 7/8/08
Great site we're in Akbuk hope to see you there
richard and maureen    Tuesday, 7/8/08
what a nice site
Iain & Joanne    Sunday, 7/6/08
have just returned to rainy Wales after 10 wks in our place in Akbuk,missing it already but great to find there is a dedicated website so that we can keep in touch with what is going on in our favourite place! enjoyed looking at at all the photos,keep up the good work!
Llanelli south Wales
Dave & C (Rogers)    Tuesday, 7/1/08
Hi, Congratulations! The web page looks brill! Look forward to writing something for you in the weeks to come. Dave & C
Gokdeniz Sitesi, Akbuk
Roy Dulledge    Monday, 6/30/08
Very nice web site Rob/Marie Keep up the good work
Monday, 6/30/08
what a great idea u 2....... brill
jean beaumont from akbuk
Sunday, 6/29/08
Well done Rob and Marie, How nice to have Akbuk's very own website, we hope it is very successful. We will forward any photograph's or information that may be of interest to you and your reader's in the near future.
Nigel&Yolande from Akbuk
Sunday, 6/29/08
Well done Rob and Marie ... pleased to see there are no emlaks in sight! Thanks for putting Akbuk on the map, we look forward to watching the site grow in preference to watching Akbuk grow.
Chrissie and Dave from Akbuk
Sunday, 6/29/08
Thank you for your website about Akbuk I'll certainly visit probably every day no mention of the weekly dominoes at the Derby though just my sense of humour Rob. Great site see you later. Dave.
David from Akbuk
Saturday, 6/28/08
Graet site, no Ads - no Estate Agents - no b*ll*cks. Well done to Rob & Marie
Roy from Altinkum
Saturday, 6/28/08
Hi Akbuk Rob. I have looked at your Website it is good, very informative. Maria.
Maria from Akbuk
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