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06 May 2018
Hi rob I see your not putting anything on site a shame this was the best site for Akbuk you dun amazing job
Bill - London
21 January 2018
Sad to read that funding is getting scarce as you have for many years provided an up to date and honest account of all things Akbuk, much used by locals and tourists alike. Hopefully things will improve during 2018.
S&L - Scotland
31 October 2017
Hi Rob and Marie, just got home to a chilly Bolton. Was lovely to catch up again. Keep up the good work on here and TV site. will catch you again next September. Keep safe and well both, take care.
Deborah and Wayne - Bolton
15 September 2017
It´s raining in Stockholm and I wish it soon will be ekim,(okt) so my normal visit in authum could be now. Have read the nice word Erica has wright about Akbuk. I agreed and has been there only 15 years but I love it a lot. Have to work 4 years more an then I will be permant in the area and enjoj the culture. Thanks for this side that makes me been a part of whats happen in Akbuk. / Micke
Micke from Sweden - Stockholm
18 May 2017
Staying just outside Akbuk at Aurum Beach and Spa resort. We arrive June 8th but am wondering is it safe to visit Akbuk ? It looks lovely.
Patricia Johnson - Wilmslow Cheshire

Reply from webmaster - Why wouldn't it be safe? Just don't get involved in any political rally's or break the law and you will be fine. Enjoy your holiday, the Aurum is a lovely resort.

15 October 2016
Mr. Rob has been more than kind & a huge resource of information! I can never thank him enough.
Caroline - Mount Holly, NJ US
15 September 2016
After reading Erica's interesting recall of years gone past it made me realise just how much Akbuk has changed, I didn't discover it until 2004 but even since then I have seen many changes and personally not for the better, although thankfully world wide economics have slowed things down. Having said that I spent some great times in Akbuk and unless you are aware of all the changes it still has bucket loads of appeal & charm and certainly worth a visit.
S & L - Scotland
14 September 2016
I read Erica's interesting article on early Akbük. My Turkish wife and I bought our summer house in Didim's Gaye 2 sitesi at the end of the 1970s. At that time we were unaware that Akbük even existed. We were luck enough to have drawn one of the houses in the front of the site and remember standing on the foundations of our house in 1980 having walked along the coast from Didim. The only way to get there was on foot, tractor or horseback, although the fishermen on the small jetty in Didim did offer to take us there by boat. The empty bottles of Rakı near the jetty persuaded us to decline their offer. During my many years in Didim I was able to monitor the development of Akbük town from my sailing dinghy as I sailed across to the other side of the bay from Didim. I moved to Bodrum two years ago but I still have fond memories of the area. I wonder if Erica remembers a small sailing boat with a distinctive red and blue sail off the Akbük coast.
Peter Fraser MBE - Ankara and Southend-on-sea
14 September 2016
Just read the lovely recollections of Erica about Akbuk over the years. A very charming and well written piece. Let's hope future changes are for the better and not too many more incursions into the hills behind us! Love the name 'the silk road'! Thanks
Sharman - Akbuk
24 August 2016
Hi, Love the website very useful info. Been to Turkey over 8 times but first time in Akbuk. Will post further info once I reach back home next week.
Robin Bhogal - Windsor, Berkshire
07 August 2016
Brilliant and very comprehensive website. Thank you
Gary & Louise Pugh. Olivia -- yasmin gardens complex.
Gary Pugh - Southampton
11 July 2016
found this site very useful and has answered many questions we had xx
louisa - peterborough
13 June 2016
I am completely a newbie in visiting Akbuk. A friend of mine who is English she invited me to stay in her place in Akbuk for 3 weeks from June 17 - July 9, 2016. I am so excited and cant wait to explore the place.
Debiejoy Abalos - Cebu City Philippines
28 May 2016
Visiting akbuk for the first time in August, staying at Aegean Star Apartments. Would love some help with trips & things to do during our stay :)
Lyndsay - Edinburgh

Reply from webmaster - Lyndsay there is much information in our Akbuk Guide on tours and everything you need to know if you are new to Akbuk, including contact details & web links to many local tour companies.

06 April 2016
just got back from Akbuk after opening our villa for the first time this year. Akbuk is once again changing more commercial properties been built and it looks as the petrol station might be reopening!!!well maybe! for you bargain lovers trying to pick up a bargain in a cheap property....forget it the builders are still trying to charge over the top prices. Could turn into a mini Spain especially with what's going on. Its going to be a hard year for the locals so lets get out there to support them
paul quinn - christchurch
01 March 2016
recently purchased property in Akbuk. This site is. Ow essential reading. Fantastic addition is the New TV link which we will implement at the end of April. Well done carry on good work.
Anthony Dobbs - Cardiff
09 August 2015
What a great service, very grateful for all the clear information that you provide. Especially the residential renewal procedure.
Brian and Carol - Altinkum/Didim
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