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Need help applying for a visa?

Personally I can see the benefit for some people to use a professional visa procurement service. The Turkish online system is not as good as it could be, some people struggle with it or find the technology confusing and if you make a mistake you've lost your money and run the risk of being denied entry into the country. I have heard of cases where it just doesn't work for some. In those situations having a professional visa procurement service to turn to can be invaluable and that is why I wanted to bring this option to the attention of any of my readers who prefer to use it above the government one.
At the end of the day it's a matter of personal choice.

When Turkey first introduced it's onlne visa application system a number of what I would call "chancers" jumped on the bandwagon to try and make a fast buck by pretending to be official websites and vastly overcharging unsuspecting applicants. There are still plenty of warnings to visa applicants not to be hoodwinked by such fly by nights.

But e-visums are no such company, they make it clear from the start who they are & what they are offering. They even provide direct links to all the official government websites and clearly state the official prices of the 10 countries for which they provide REAL visas.

I liked their approach so I emailed the company and cheekily asked if an article on my website would earn my readers a discount on their prices. I exchanged several emails with a very nice lady called Sarah-Jane who arranged with her boss a 15% reduction in their charges for Turkish Visas. Result!

The prices for them to arrange your Turkish Tourist Visa is now £21.95 per person and you can pay them by debit or credit card or Paypal (so more options than the Turkish government give). There are no application or service fees (both are mentioned in the Q&A's on the Turkish e-visa site but I have no idea what they are for or how much they cost as I have never bought an e-visa). But I do know there is a hidden cost of buying a visa direct from the official Turkish site that many people don't realise. Because they charge you in USD your bank or card company will rip you off on the exchange rate, so what YOU think will cost you $20 ends up costing you about £2 more when you get your statement.

I grabbed e-visums prices and direct links from their website.

Click on the country flag to go direct to the relevant country page.
And remember the Turkish Visa is a discounted price I have arranged for YOU if you use my links.
Turkey Cost £21.95 Total (specially negotiated)
Australia Cost £14.95 Total
Cambodia Cost £54.95 Total
Canada Cost £19.95 Total
India Cost £84.95 Total
Kenya Cost £69.95 Total
Myanmar Cost £69.95 Total
Sri Lanka Cost £49.95 Total
United States Cost £29.95 Total
Vietnam From £19.95 Plus Vietnam Stamping Fee