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Rates displayed are "mid market" rates.

For inverse rate insert 1 in the box, the rate will appear in grey in the "Results" box.

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Currency Conversion and Exchange Rate Disclaimer

Exchange Rates are provided for information only.
Rates for actual transactions may vary.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates being displayed or used by the calculator. You should always confirm current exchange rates with a reputable foreign exchange broker before making any transactions that could be affected by changes in these rates.

See below for free Exchange Rates apps for your Ipad, mobile etc.

Bank interest calculator

Here's a handy little tool if you want to how much profit you will make on a Turkish bank Term Deposit Account.
Just put your figures in the three boxes on the left and click the button.

Deposit Amount
Annual Interest Rate (%)
Investment Term (Days)

Gross Total Return
Gross Interest
Tax (deducted at source)*
Net Interest
Net Total Return

*Tax is calculated at 15% standard rate in Turkey

Exchange rates apps for your Ipad, mobile etc.

Here's a handy little app for checking Turkish Lira exchange rates and converting different amounts.
The widgets will convert 90 world currencies but we have set them to initially display Turkish Lira.

Designed to be mobile friendly.
Works well on Ipads Androids Smart Phones as well as laptops & desktops. Take a look at these images.

It's very easy to get & use our exchange rates widgets because we've built them as web pages so all you need to do is save the page to your bookmarks or home screen. We suggest saving to your home screen or desktop

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How save to home screen for most popular devices.

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