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Temperatures & Rainfall - Past Monthly Averages

The following charts are produced from data kindly supplied by former Akbuk resident Steve Jacques.

Steve recorded this data on a daily basis from 2011 - 2014 at his home amateur weather station close to the centre of town using professional meteorological equipment. This is the only true local accurate data available before 2014 as prior to that the closest official weather station was at Milas, the other side of a mountain range. Most weather stations on the internet purporting to supply data from Akbuk are actually based at Bodrum or Aydin, miles away from Akbuk.

We now have a local weather station at Kaziklibucak which is about 5 Km from Akbuk but be careful if seeking data because there are two stations there and one is very high up so temperatures at that one are several degrees lower.

Temperatures below are displayed in Celsius and rainfall as the total for the month in millimetres.

Temperatures are taken in the shade and therefore reflect the ambient air temperature and not that in the Sun.

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