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Warning to would be property buyers

The procedure for buying property in Turkey is not the same as the UK and currently has a very bad reputation. If you are looking to buy property in Turkey it is important you understand the risks involved.

Many people have had and continue to have their dreams shattered through no fault of their own.

The industry is not regulated as it is in the UK - When things go wrong there is little or no help from the judiciary system.

Do not assume solicitors will represent your interests.

Do not assume if your builder or agent has offices in the UK or internationally you will be safe - Turkish laws apply.

Contracts are not legally enforceable in Turkey unless they have been notorised and the finished property is debt free when the Tapu (Title Deed) is transferred.

Buying off plan is risky - Numerous builders have gone bust leaving investors high & dry.

In some cases builders may not own the land they are developing, but they will happily take your money.

Don't take our word for it - Search on Google or any search engine for "Turkish Property Scams". There are plenty of stories to choose from.