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Update to TranferWise article below (30 June 2017)

Warning: Do not confuse TranferWise with TranferGo

One of my UK TELLY CLUB members was finding trying to send money to Turkey with TranferWise a bit of a pain due to their new member registration procedures, so I searched for an alternative similar company to try and make his task easier.

I came across a newish company called TranferGO. Their minimum charge to send a small sum of money to Turkey was just 99p (half of what TranferWise charge) and their system looked easier (I tested it as far as I could by registering as a new member). Their system even gave me a code for 3 free transfers to Turkey. I was so chuffed I emailed their help service with my questions. I was answered quickly, politely and what I assumed was honestly.

I was satisfied so I suggested to my TELLY CLUB member he might like to give them a try to pay his annual subscription (at my risk). He did and sent £20. All seemed good and his free transfer code was accepted, we both received emails saying I would receive 88.31 Turkish Lira.

They Lied!

Today my account was credited with the sum of just 62.06 with no explanation of what they had done with the other 26.25. This was sent from a local Turkish bank to my Turkish account (the same account I have been using for TranferWise receipts for months).

I immediately emailed TranferGo and strongly complained about being ripped off, my member knew nothing of this and as far as he was aware I had received the full amount promised. I received a fast reply full of apologies but basically saying it was most probably a charge by their intermediary bank. I am sorry but where did this "intermediary bank" suddenly spring up from? They go on to say they will only investigate if the sender contacts them and provides proof which I have to supply to him. I am the one who has been cheated here not the sender, why should he bother or care?

This may all be considered sticky toffee money to most readers but imagine if the amount involved a large sum, I have absolutely no idea if this so called "intermediary bank" has deducted a hidden set fee or percentage and TranferGo will not tell me.

Bottom line to this story is TranferWISE is trustworthy, TranferGO cheat people and I have all the proof to back up that statement!

Akbuk Seafront a new road (27 February 2017)

Work has started on a new road along at least part of Akbuk seafront.

Foundations have been laid from Olivia Restaurant to past the Garden Restaurant for what has been described as a "service" road very close to the seafront.

It looks as though there will be a road right outside all of these restaurants where their gardens used to be and a separate footpath to the right of that. What is also interesting to note is unlike the main road which runs through Akbuk, they have actually laid several inches of road-stone foundation.

But many of us residents are asking the question . . . "As all of these 6 restaurants have lost their outside seating & dining areas effectively putting them out of business, what exactly is left to service?"

Do you transfer money internationally (18 January 2017)

If so you should read this, it may save you a shed load of cash vs your bank.

As most of us know by now Paypal has pulled out of Turkey due to being refused a licence to operate here. Skrill and 2checkout quickly went the same way.

Most banks charge an arm & a leg to transfer money internationally and often hide the real cost to you in their unfair exchange rates.   The Evidence

So is there a cheaper, fast and safe alternative?
Well yes there is actually!

Let me introduce you to TransferWise.

Authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (The FCA).

TransferWise uses a peer-to-peer platform that matches your payment at the mid-market rate with one or several other people who are making an opposite exchange. It’s harnessing the power of the community to give users a better service. If there is no-one to swap it with, then they go out to the interbank market and buy the missing currency in.

Their system is based on free or extremely low-cost local bank account transfers. Money never crosses borders so they can cut out extortionate bank charges.

So what does that all mean to you?

Well basically it's a cheaper, safe and fast way to transfer money abroad because they give you the REAL mid market exchange rates. Do you honestly want to risk bringing a load cash to Turkey (or almost anywhere abroad) when you can arrange it all from the comfort of your home and pay a pittance for doing so? Or maybe you just need to top up your Turkish bank account to pay those bills you forgot about.

Their charges are absolutely transparent and are displayed up front. To send money to Turkey costs just 1% (0.5% for most other countries) but remember you get the actual MID MARKET rate, not the buying & selling rates the banks will charge you, so you should actually end up with MORE LIRA for your Pound, Euro or USD etc.

Now this might sound like an advert for TransferWise

Well I can assure you it is not. I have signed up with this company and am using them myself, so far without any hiccups. I am well known for bringing my readers good information, deals and discounts when it comes to Turkey, this is my latest.

Here's a couple of YouTube videos to get you started

Oh and for what it's worth Sir Richard Branson has invested $25 million in TransferWise

Honesty Statement

If you use one of the links on this page to sign up with & use TransferWise they will credit us a couple of bucks which I will put towards the ever increasing costs of running this website.
It will not cost you a penny more to help us!
All information on this website is offered for the benefit of you the readers - Not to make us money

Akbuk Seafront (13 December 2016)

We have been requested to give an update on the councils demolitions work along the seafront in Akbuk.

One never knows here if, what or why most things happen especially with councils. But I can tell you what they have done so far.

Didim council (or the "owners" to save money) have completed their demolition work of the illegal piers at Fevzipasa and have continued demolishing all the illegal piers through Akbuk up to & including Liberte Bars.

A few of the seafront bars have lost some of the ground they had steadily occupied over the years but nothing too significant yet. There was a right mess up at the top bars from Olivia's to the Garden Restaurants as they ploughed the ground to stop the owners from occupying it, these restaurants have been hit the hardest and lost most of their garden areas.

We do not know how far the council will go with these plans, as in demolitions of some restaurants but Mr Ozgur owner of Liberte Bar is looking worried.

It has been said the council plan to put a "service" road along the seafront, more concrete blocks I imagine, but we'll have to wait & see on that one.

This lot really stems from politics. This region has never voted en-mass for the ruling AK Party and many claim by way of punishment people in high places have ordered various local councils to put their houses in order regarding illegal seafront builds or face personal prosecution which is why Altinkum was torn to shreds. But it has to be accepted that these bars & restaurants have got away with occupying land that was never theirs and in some cases building peers into the sea without any permissions.

If you lose your passport (03 July 2014) Sticky

If you are a British passport holder and your passport is lost or stolen while on holiday in Turkey you will probably need to obtain an emergency travel document to return home.

How to obtain emergency travel documents and the required documents are detailed on the GOV.UK website. We just wanted to point out the high cost (in our opinion) of doing so.

It costs £95.00 and you will need to apply in person.

Not only that your existing passport will be cancelled meaning you will need to apply for a new one costing £72.50 or whatever the current fee.

So the moral of this story is . . . Don't lose your passport !